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Legislative Committee Meeting Minutes – March 7, 2022

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7 MARCH 2022


Chairman Stoney Jackson entertained a motion to approve the 24 January 2022 minutes.  Larry Worsham moved for approval with Tommy Pollard seconding.  Minutes were approved.  Prayer and pledge were offered in a previous meeting.


Chairman Jackson gave a recap of the tax freeze discussed in previous meeting.  In particular on 7 November 2006 the tax freeze was on the state ballot and was approved with the option for county governments to adopt.  If adopted specific guidelines were provided with no option to change, and all administrative cost to implement the tax freeze would be covered by the local county governments.  To implement such a freeze was considered to be personnel intensive, for example, evaluations on income, wealth and potential division of owner’s property from total property to the 5 acre and primary residence requirement in the constitution for the purpose of being covered by a tax freeze, to mention a partial personnel workload.  Any additional property owned would be covered with the current tax rate applicable to all residents.


Additional discussion covered reading the original constitutional amendment; what is actually frozen – the tax rate, the appraised value or both; is the income requirement on one owner, in case of husband-and-wife ownership, or on both; how many people would actually qualify for this tax freeze.  Considering all these questions/discussions, a motion by Joyce Woodard, seconded by Duane Jones, was made and approved to request CTAC be asked to attend the next meeting to provide some clarification on the issue of a tax freeze.  It was also considered beneficial to ask both the Trustee and the Tax Assessor to also attend.  Chairman Jackson asked County Executive Melissa Greene if she would contact CTAC and she agreed that she would.


Old Business – Gayle Jones asked that the notification of a commissioner meeting, the agenda, and minutes be formalized through including in the “rules” and be shown on the county website.  She further recommended that all commissioners who do use e-mail notifications also sign that they opt out of any other method than that of electronic communication.   Others mentioned that they could put that information on their social media and that the notifications are already in the paper with the agenda, and the minutes are posted on the website now.  While her office has posted parts of the information mentioned by Commissioner Gayle Jones, County Executive Greene stated that her responsibility does not cover posting additional information such as timing.  For example, posting of the minutes of a commissioner meeting would be the responsibility of Commissioners.


Questions on Ad Hoc committees and their pay was discussed with the idea that they have not worked in the past, and there are currently none scheduled.


Melissa under Old Business stated that there will be two upcoming discussions, one being on 3 August about local sales tax options and in November one on liquor by the drink.  Further she stated she will be visiting schools to get the word out.


With no other business for discussion, Tommy Pollard motioned for adjournment, and Duane Jones seconded.  Motion approved.


Attendees:  Chairman Stoney Jackson, Joyce Woodard, Judy Pruett , Duane Jones, Brad Butler, Tommy Pollard , and Larry Worsham /Other Commissioners Mike Cesarini, Rodney Journey David Adams, Gayle Jones, Tim Risner, David Wamble, Rose Brown, Tracy Wilburn, Joseph Sutton, Terry Harwell /Other County Executive Melissa Greene, Public Bill Young and paper Barbara Harmon