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Giles County Highway Department Committee Meeting Minutes – January 4, 2024

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Giles County Highway Department Committee Meeting Minutes January 4, 2024


Members present: Tim Risner, Tracy Wilburn, Joseph Sutton, Judy Pruett, Joyce Woodard, Roger Reedy, and Matt Rubelsky

Other Members present: Gayle Jones, David Adams, Evan Baddour, Brad Butler, Terry Jones, Erin Curry and David Wamble,

Also present: Barry Hyatt, Steve Kelley, Erin Harmon, and Graham Stowe


Meeting called to order at 9:00 am. Chairman Risner asked for everyone to rise as Mr. Rubelsky led a prayer. Pledge was said by all.

Chairman Risner thanked everyone for attending and asked if there were any public comments before the meeting begins. Mr. Adams wanted to thank the Highway Department for an outstanding job in the past year.

First Order of Business: Review of the minutes from September 28, 2023. Mr. Hyatt would like the committee to know that in review of the minutes, Fairview Church did receive their flashing lights. They are operational and Fairview has total control over maintaining them. Chairman Risner asked if there were any more comments or changes pertaining to the minutes. Tracy Wilburn made a motion to approve the minutes. Matt Rubelsky seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion passed to approve the minutes.


Second Order of Business: Year End Reports. Mr. Hyatt explains to the committee about the year-end reports. First he went over the Double Surface Treatment (Paving) that had been completed in 2023. 20.66 miles were resurfaced in the south end of the County. 18.2 miles were resurfaced in the north end of the County for a total of 38.86 miles. Second he moved onto the Daily call-ins. This report reflects the amount of calls/work orders completed in 2023. There were 1,039 calls in the north and 866 calls/work orders in the south for a total of 1,905 work orders completed for the year. Several commissioners stated that they had received calls of gratitude on behalf of the residents in their districts.


Third Order of Business: Resolution for Municipalities for 2024. Pulaski, Lynnville, Minor Hill, Elkton and Ardmore have all sent in their resolutions requesting the Highway Department to perform work in 2024. Tracy Wilburn makes a motion to approve the resolution. Joyce Woodard seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion was passed.

Fourth Order of Business: Resolution for the 2024 Road List. The only changes to the Road List is for Ardmore Ridge Rd and Baugh Rd. The City of Ardmore annexed 0.62 miles of the road. The changes will be from 3.32 to 2.70 miles in the County Road List. The City of Elkton annexed out to the weigh station so the changes in the road list will be from 3.31 to 2.90 miles in the road list. Tracy Wilburn made a motion to approve the road list for 2024. Matt Rubelsky seconded the motion. All were in favor and the motion passed.

Fifth Order of Business: 2024 Inventory List. Barry addresses the committee and tells that there aren’t many changes to the inventory. The County has added a skid steer and a track hoe. All items purchased are added and inventoried and the Highway Department removes anything that has been sold at auction. The inventory list will be filed and recorded at the County Clerk’s Office.

Sixth Order of Business- Projects Projected for 2024. Mr. Hyatt explains that the next project will most likely be to Hot Mix Buford Station Rd in the spring. This is a state aid funded project. The County has a 2% matching share of the cost. Buford Station has an estimated cost of $1,530,800.00 to Hot Mix 8.20 miles. Next, Hurricane Creek Rd will cost approximately $917,868.00 for 4.98 miles and Big Dry Creek Rd $846,132.00 for 4.84 miles of hot mix. Mr. Hyatt discusses the State Aid Bridges. Currently the bridge on Booth Chapel and Hulsey Branch is in the beginning stages of being built. The cost for the new bridge is $531,199.30. Watkins has the bid. The Highway Department is in very early stages of replacing the bridge on Big Dry Creek Rd. The property has been acquired by the county to secure the location. The Highway Department does not have a price on this project yet.


Seventh Order of Business: Old/New Business- Mr. Hyatt would like to discuss some old business of State Funding. Our county highway department received $3.2 million dollars in grant money from the Transportation Modernization Act. These funds are being used to hot mix these roads projected for the upcoming year. Mr. Reedy asked what the cost is per mile for double surface treatment roads. Mr. Hyatt stated that it is costing approximately $51,000.00 per mile. The average per mile on Kerr Hill Rd was $176,000.00.  The next issue Mr. Hyatt discussed is the price of rock. Rock prices will increase by 29.5% this year. In 2023 the Highway budgeted for $650,000.00 for rock. For that same amount of rock this year it’s going to cost $841,000.00. Finding clean rock is becoming a problem. We have had to go to several different places to find rock this past year. Mr. Hyatt would just like to commission to be aware of these price increases. Mr. Wamble asked in old business about the guardrail on east college street and if the highway department will have to address. Mr. Hyatt told the committee that the guardrail did not fall under state aid. The estimate was $210,000.00 to replace it. The highway department took reflectors every 50 ft. on the top of the rail and it really makes a huge difference driving through at night. Mr. Reedy asked about the bridge dedication and speed limits from the previous meeting. Mr. Hyatt stated that the bridge dedication had not yet been scheduled and that the speed limit signs had been posted and taken care of. Chairman Risner asked if there was any more business to discuss. There was some discussion brought up by Mr. Wamble about the new time keeper software and how it would affect the highway department. Mr. Hyatt explained that he was not in favor of the time keeper software. He stated that departments are already doing this job and have a responsibility to keep up with their information within their offices.  Matt Rubelsky made a motion to adjourn. Tracy Wilburn seconded the motion. All were in favor. Meeting was adjourned.