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Giles County Highway Committee Minutes – August 19, 2021

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Members Present: (Highway Committee) Tim Risner, Tommy Pollard, Joseph Sutton, Bill Cary, Tracy Wilburn, Rodney Journey, Terry Harwell

Other Members Present: Mike Cesarini, Joyce Woodard, David Womble, Duane T. Jones, Larry Worsham, Judy Pruett, Harold Brooks

Also Present: Barry Hyatt, Steve Kelley, Erin Harmon, Melissa Greene, Sandra Norwood, Kevin Cleary, Tony Townsend


First Order of Business: Review of minutes from May 18, 2021. Chairman Risner asked if there are any additions or correction to the minutes. Tommy Pollard makes a motion to approve the minutes. Rodney Journey seconds the motion. All are in favor and the motion is approved.

Second Order of Business: MSG Roy E. Fosnight Sr. Memorial Bridge Request. Barry addressed the committee and stated that the Highway is in support of this request to name a bridge on Powdermill Hill Road over Choate Creek. Mr. Fosnight’s daughter was also present and spoke on his behalf. Mr. Fosnight moved to Giles County in 1969. He served in the United States Army from 1948- 1971 as an Intelligence Officer. He and his family traveled all over the world to several bases during his career and ended up assigned to the Arsenal where he retired and then continued later to work in the civilian sector teaching the things he did in the Army. Terry Harwell made a motion to approve the request. Rodney Journey seconded the motion. All are in favor. Motion is passed to dedicate the bridge to MSG Roy E. Fosnight Sr.

Third Order of Business: Cut Off Road Speed Limit Petition. Barry states that the Highway is in support of the petition. He also notes a handout that was included in the packet that highlights T.C.A. §55-8-152. State law establishes the speed limit on all non-interstate highways and roads in Tennessee at 65 mph, if a lower limit has not been set and provided in the statutes. In other words unless a petition is filed the legal speed limit is 65mph on county roads. Bill Cary makes a motion to approve. Tommy Pollard seconds the motion. All are in favor. Motion is approved.

Fourth Order of Business: South Fork Blue Creek Speed Limit Petition. *Pulled from agenda. Postponed until later date.

Fifth Order of Business: Hidden Hollow Partial Road Closure Petition: Two property owners at the back of the road are requesting to close it and create a turn around. Barry Hyatt states that the Highway supports this decision and would like to see it move forward to the Planning Commission to be passed. Hidden Hollow Road is petitioned to be closed from the beginning point of 0.60 or 3,168 feet to the end of the road. Closing 0.22 miles of 1,160.0 feet. Rodney Journey makes a motion to send it to the Planning Commission. Terry Harwell seconds the motion. All are in favor. Motion is approved.


Sixth Order of Business: Old Business- No old business. New Business- Rodney Journey ask about the Rock at the Agri-Park. He asked Mr. Hyatt if he has plans on crushing the rock. Mr. Hyatt stated they the Highway Department would like to crush the rock but at this time with the cost to move a crusher in it just wasn’t feasible. He also stated the Highway Department does use the rock and he has men go and separate it when they get a chance. Tracy Wilburn makes a motion to adjourn. Tommy Pollard seconds the motion. All are in favor. Meeting is adjourned.