General Sessions Court

About General Sessions


Clerk Serving General Sessions Courts

Natalie Bass Oakley

1st Floor, Giles County Courthouse, Pulaski, Tennessee 38478



Jennifer Brindley, Chief Deputy Clerk/Bookkeeper

Paula Gatlin, General Sessions Criminal

Holly Pinkelton, General Sessions Civil

Becca Hargrove, Juvenile DCS

Jacqueline Gann, Traffic/State Trooper

Amy Moody, Child Support/Expungements

Paula Word- Online payments/File Clerk

Diane Smith, Circuit Criminal

Mindy Tate, Circuit Civil/Juvenile Delinquent

The General Sessions Court is a court of limited jurisdiction that hears both civil and criminal cases. The General Sessions Court hears cases concerning both adult and juveniles, including child support.

The General Sessions Court will also hear your traffic violations in Traffic Court.

The General Sessions court room is located on the first floor of the Giles County Courthouse on the public square in Pulaski, Tennessee.

First appearances in criminal cases are conducted in General Sessions Court. Criminal case defendants may opt to have a preliminary hearings to rule on probable cause to determine whether their case will be bound over to the Grand Jury. Misdemeanor criminal manners may be disposed of in General Sessions Court.

General Sessions criminal cases:

Each Tuesday: Arraignment (first appearance)

Each Thursday: Trials

General Sessions civil cases:

First and Second Monday of each month.

Juvenile criminal cases: 

Second and Fourth Wednesday of each month.

Child support cases:

Third and Fourth Monday of each month.

Traffic Court

Traffic court is conducted in the General Sessions Court, and the fines and costs are collected in the office of the Circuit Court Clerk.

Traffic Court cases:

Third Friday: First appearance

First Thursday: Trials

 Pay traffic tickets online here:


General Sessions Judge

Robert “Chip” Richardson

Office Location: Giles County Courthouse

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 678
Pulaski, TN 38478


Giles County’s General Sessions Court handles civil and criminal cases, traffic court and juvenile matters.

NOTICE REGARDING MISDEMEANOR PROBATION: Under a federal consent decree entered by the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee on January 13, 2022: (1) the Giles County Sheriff’s Department has recalled and will not enforce arrest warrants for violation of misdemeanor probation that were issued prior to January 13, 2022; and (2) the Giles County Circuit Court Clerk has waived collection of court debt (fines and fees) for misdemeanor convictions prior to January 13, 2022.

Youth Services Officer for Giles County 

Pam Arnell, Ed. D

205 South First St.

PulaskiTN 38478



The Youth Service Officer (YSO) is under the direct supervision of the Juvenile Court Judge. One responsibility of the YSO is collaborating with all agencies in Giles and surrounding counties trying to assist children/youth and their families in being productive and law abiding citizens.

Other responsibilities for the YSO include but are not limited to; intake, counseling, data collection, investigations, receive and examine complaints and allegations of delinquency, unruly in addition to dependent/neglected children/youth.

The YSO is also part of the Child Fatality Team, Child Protective Investigative Team and the Giles County Truancy Board.

Pamela Arnell, Ed. D, is the Giles County Youth Service Officer (Y.S.O.) and is the only full-time employee who provides services, intakes, counseling, investigations to children/youth and their families for the Giles County Juvenile Court. She is on call 24/7 for emergency situations related to children, youth and their families who have committed crimes or may have been abused or neglected.

Giles County Bar Association Members

  • A. Colbrook Baddour, 931-363-7476
  • Evan Baddour, 931-363-7476
  • Robert W. Curtis, 931-363-1592
  • Jason Davis, 931-422-5615
  • Shara A. Flacy, 931-468-2201
  • Mary A. Gabbett, 931-363-1555
  • Samuel B. Garner, 931-363-6116
  • Rogers N. Hays-931-363-1592
  • Robert C. Henry, 931-363-4571
  • Lucy D. Henson, 931-424-8713
  • Marilyn Holt, Assistant Public Defender, 931-363-0657
  • M. Andrew Hoover-931-363-1555
  • Robert W. Laxson -  931-424-8655
  • Robert D. Massey, 931-424-8655
  • Craig Moore, Assistant Public Defender, 931-363-0657
  • Andrew Nutt, 931-447-8300
  • Rebecca Parsons, Assistant District Attorney, 931-424-4030
  • Stanley Pierchoski, 931-363-7222
  • Mattea Rolin, 423-802-1577
  • Robert H. Stovall, Assistant Public Defender, 931-363-0657
  • Timothy P. Underwood, 931-363-4571
  • J. Christopher Williams, 931-363-6500

D.A. and P.D. Offices

22 Judicial District Attorney

Brent Cooper, 931-762-7777

22 Judicial District Public Defender

Travis Jones, 931-380-2598

District Public Defenders Office


District Attorney General Office


Child Support Enforcement Agency


Giles County’s historic courthouse, built in 1809, is primarily built from marble and other inflammable materials. The current courthouse, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of the Interior, is the fifth structure in which court has been conducted since Giles County’s establishment in 1809. General Sessions Court offices, including the clerk, judge and courtroom, are located on the north side of the courthouse’s first floor.