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Financial Management Committee Meeting Minutes – June 2, 2023 – (Unapproved)

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2 JUNE 2023




The Chair County Executive Graham Stowe opened the meeting asking Commissioner Evan Baddour to offer a prayer and lead the pledge.  The minutes of 3 November 2022 were moved for approval by Commissioner Tracy Wilburn and Superintendent of Roads Barry Hyatt, and were approved unanimously.    A handout was provided showing assets for disposal and a form for use in disposition.


First Agenda Item – Disposal of Assets.  Financial Management Director (FMD) Beth Moore-Sumners noted that based on previous approval she had authority to dispose of assets under $1K.  The Handout showed assets for disposal lumped together so that the Committee could approve all, although many were under the $1K threshold.  The items were identified, for example, as backhoe (unrepairable) for convenience center, one ambulance, school vehicles, Continuing Technical Education assets with some of those assets from long ago, OEM related assets, and radios from the Sheriff’s office.  All assets except from the Sheriff’s office will be offered on Gov.Deals.  The assets for disposal from the Sheriff’s office are radios, possibly from the 90s, and with frequencies on those radios being sensitive to law enforcement needs, those items will be melted.  Possibly, over time, Magotteaux facilities will be used for the melting.  A motion by Commissioner Erin Curry, seconded by Commissioner Tracy Wilburn, to approve the overall disposal including the melting of the radios was made and was approved unanimously.


Second Agenda Item – Financial Update.  The FMD discussed previously approved time keeper software which has not yet been purchased.  She mentioned the timing of the Human Resource position, making the software more helpful, especially since all county employees and the schools, typically use paper time sheets at this time.  The FMD is researching Chronos software which Maury County uses.  She did say that her office is still exploring and identifying needs, and cost to implement.    With Nancy Griffin’s upcoming retirement, the FMD is looking at shifting duties for most efficient operation of the office.  She mentioned grant management, and that some of the departments are still not following established guidelines.  She identified Shelby Thomas as taking the lead on grants, with the FMD saying grants are a blessing and a curse.  The funding is a blessing but sometime the restrictions and reporting are a burden.  She did say the audit wants to see from her office the documentation and reporting requirements rather than the department who may have submitted the grant, with the school handling their own.  She did note that the final responsibility for the grants remains with her, so she wants to make sure the management of those grants is in place and being properly executed.  She also mentioned that she will be sending Mary Taylor Hewitt and Shelby Thomas to other counties to see how they do bid packages.  While the county received a clean audit, she said her whole office keeps striving to do better.  Barry Hyatt mentioned that the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury Jason Mumpower, while providing his organization with one of nine awards for a clean audit across the 95 counties, said good things about Giles County and wanted that passed on to the Financial Management Office.  The FMD said that she works on an “I expect a clean audit” and with her office staff at the meeting she gave them credit for what’s done.  With no other questions on financial update, the chair moved on to the next item.


Prior to doing the next agenda item, the FMD gave a moving description of how important Nancy Griffin had been to the county, stating her dedication and loyalty as being exemplary.  Commissioner Erin Curry and Barry Hyatt also commented on how helpful Nancy had been over the years.


Next Agenda Item – Appointment of Deputy Director, Financial Management Office.  The FMD said that approval of that position is statutory required, since she would assume the FMD role in her absence.  She recommended Shana Woodard, noting her attention to tasks, taking the initiative in several areas, such as school payrolls.  A motion by Barry Hyatt, and with Commissioner Erin Curry providing the second, to approve Shana Woodard as the Deputy Director, the motion was approved unanimously.


The FMD mentioned the form which was part of the handout and said that Shelby had developed that, and also will be handling capital assets.  School Superintendent asked if the form would be shared electronically and the FMD said yes.  The CE asked if both paper and electronic copies would be available, and the FMD said yes.


The CE asked for New/Old Business.  Barry Hyatt mentioned in the last conference, the subject of electrical cars came up.  He said on buying the licenses for an electrical car, a once-a-year charge of $200 will be added to apply to road projects, e.g., state aid roads.


Commissioner Erin Curry mentioned the salary survey discussed in the recent budget committee meeting, and the FMD said the survey would be beneficial.  She would like to see a comparison to other counties, and the survey could be done internally.  It was mentioned there could be negative feedback, if the county’s employees are considerably lower than other competitors.  Commissioner David Adams mentioned dozer operators and the county numbers may not be competitive.  Barry Hyatt also mentioned the 2% raise given to county employees in the Budget Committee meeting (not approved at full commission at this time), but to cover the cost of the raises, he would have to do away with one position.  He said he could cover the raise within his budget since he often does not fill a position that he loses in the winter (as this position was), and only filling in the summer time when the need is more apparent.


The FMD said that sometime in September, perhaps, she recommended more conversation on resources.  The CE mentioned a facility impact fee which came up in General Assembly last year but failed.  He thought it might come up again.  Commissioner Erin Curry mentioned the University of Tennessee – South (UTS) population which can be counted as Giles County population and could also help with resources that are based on population counts.


The CE adjourned the meeting after no other discussion was forthcoming.


Attendees:  Chair County Executive Graham Stowe, Superintendent of Roads Barry Hyatt, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Vickie Beard, Commissioner Erin Curry, Commissioner Tracy Wilburn, Commissioner Evan Baddour, Judy Pruett Other Commissioners Tim Risner, Joyce Woodard, Terry Jones, Gayle Jones, Annelle Guthrie, David Adams, Brad Butler  Other in Attendance FMD and staff – Beth Moore-Sumners, Shana Woodard, Nancy Griffin, Shelby Thomas, Mary Taylor Hewitt, Gail Wolaver, and Jamie Marks