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Environmental Committee Meeting Minutes

6 APRIL 2022


Chairman Erin Curry changed the order of agenda items to first discuss the contract cancellation from  South Central Tennessee Development District (SCTDD) on Dead Stock.  County Executive Melissa Greene provided copies of a Memorandum for 2022-2023 Budget Request from SCTDD, Executive Director Jerry Mansfield.  The memorandum served as a request from SCTDD for a non-binding letter of intent at a ten percent increase over prior years contingent upon two things, approval and receipt of a $300k state grant and that all 10 counties in this district continue to use this service as well.  The total amount requested is $83,932 as a minimum.  Melissa commented their previous service had been very good with 1100 animals picked up, and the price increase is generally to cover increased fuel and equipment costs.  Compost of dead animals might be an option for small farmers but it was noted later that approximately 20% of those dead animals is from one owner, and composting would not be possible for that many animals.  Also, veterinarians have dead animals that must be disposed of as well.

Since this change would go into effect the first of July the County Executive wanted to bring this up now so that timely action such as budget considerations could take place.  She mentioned that Commission Roger Reedy and UT Extension Agent Kevin Hood were in an earlier meeting on this subject.  Roger then addressed some of the counties included in the 10 within this District, e.g. Lawrence, Lincoln, Maury where Giles is one of the biggest.  He did mention that counties such as Maury are losing much of their pasture land to commercial and residential developments.  Commissioner Mike Cesarini stated that the Land of Milk and Honey is more likely Land of Beef with a $25M business in Giles County.  And the raising of horses is also increasing.  For the dead animals however he stated no one wants them “laying around”, potentially affecting the water supply, and he recommended continuing to use the service.  Commissioner Cary said in his area row crops seem to be taking over the pasture land, with the result there are less cattle and less dead stock.  Roger responded that the numbers have been decreasing but the 1100 is a current number.  Commissioner Tracy Wilburn mentioned that in the past you could use many parts of the dead animal, i.e. hides, meat, food for other animals, but now with mad cow disease, that is not possible.  So, the dead animal has no value and is costly to dispose.  Commissioner Stoney Jackson asked “why can’t the farmers pay something?”  At one time the Farm Bureau was approached to take this on, such as charging a surcharge on sales, but they were unwilling to do that.  Commissioner Curry in checking the math said with the $83,932 budget request and using $76K last budget, a $10 surcharge would “do it”.  Roger mentioned if our county did, the other counties would have to buy in as well, otherwise they would go to that county.  Burying cattle not a good option since “residue” is left because need air to fully decompose.  County Executive noted there will be a Friday meeting with the farm bureau.  Commissioner Rodney Journey moved that support for the $83,932 budget request be supported, with next session used to figure out how to address.  Tommy Pollard seconded and motion was approved.


Second Agenda Item – Litter grant annual TDOT Resolution to accept. With BLI 55720, 2022-2023, all state provided funding, Tracy Wilburn moved for approval, Rose Brown seconded and that line item was approved.

Third Agenda Item – Balance of the Solid Waste, Convenience Centers/Recycling budget, Director Julie Phillips said that the two biggest jumps in this budget are for fuel cost and for the tipping fee.  Total increase is up $38,222.  Currently there is a three-year contract for the tipping cost, with the waste going to Mississippi.  Tracy asked Julie if there would be anything left over from the current year’s budget, and Julie responded with “it doesn’t look like there will be.”  She did mention for next year’s budget she had removed a maintenance slot.  Tracy moved the budget be provided to the budget committee, Tommy seconded and motion was approved.


Fourth Agenda Item – Tire Disposal Rate Increases – Current Fee Schedule.  Julie provided a handout showing cost per ton, disposal costs, surcharge fees recovered, and Quarterly tire tax state revenue.  Most notable was the increase in cost from January 2022 until March 2022, with that being $1,326.80 to $3,394.10 per one load.  Liberty Tire Recycling who provides the service is a monopoly on tire recycling.  Tracy asked if there was any value in the used tires, and Julie said they can be used for mulch and some of the largest counties, mostly in the east can use them in areas such as playgrounds.  Governor Lee has mentioned putting them in land fields but cut into quarters, shredded or chipped. On being asked price to do that, Julie responded possibly $200K or more.  Commissioner David Wamble asked about the value of cardboard and are there records.  Julie said approximately 74 tons had been processed.


Chairman Erin Curry said on tires, just for your informatin now but will be revisited later.


Fifth Agenda Item – GAC-Free TV Day – “Trashercise” statewide event with a sign up @www.KeepTNBeautiful.org  Julie encouraged all to participate.


Chairman Erin Curry asked if any old business or any new business and with no response, Tommy Pollard moved for adjournment with Tracy Wilburn seconding.  Motion approved.


Attendees:  Members of Committee Chairperson Erin Curry, Roger Reedy, Tracy Wilburn, Tommy Pollard (for Brad Butler), Rose Brown, Mike Cesarini (absent Terry Harwell), Other Commissioners:  David Adams, Bill Cary, Stoney Jackson, Rodney Journey, Duane Jones, Tommy Pollard, Tim Risner, Joseph Sutton, Joyce Woodard , Larry Worsham,  David Wamble Other:  County Executive Melissa Greene, Director Waste Management Julie Phillips, Financial Management Nancy Griffin, public: Bill Young