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Budget Public Hearing Minutes – June 23, 2021

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JUNE 23, 2021


ATTENDEES:  Giles County Financial Manager Beth Moore-Sumners and Nancy Griffin; Commissioners Erin Curry, Joseph Sutton, Larry Worsham, Harold Brooks, Duane Jones, David Adams, Stoney Jackson, Bill Cary, David Wamble, Gayle Jones, Judy Pruett, Mike Cesarini, Terry Harwell, Joyce Woodard, Roger Reedy, Tracy Wilburn, and Tommy Pollard; County Executive Melissa Greene; Public:  Sonya Redd, representing Senior Center; Margie Haney, representing  Humane Society; Sharon Rush private citizen on behalf of teachers; Rosemary Martin and Stephen Moates representing Campsbellville library;  Devon Yurko,  Boys and Girls Club and  Judy Cheatham, Chairperson of the Boys and Girls Board;and private citizens Connie Howell, Tonya Holley, and Annelle Guthrie.


Beth Moore-Sumners opened the meeting by explaining why the meeting is required due to the requirements of the Tennessee Code, and gave rules on speaking including the requirement of asking in writing  in advance.  She stated there would be four speakers based on those timely requests.


First Speaker:  Ms. Sonya Redd of the Giles County Senior Center.  She expressed concern over not being funded this year by the county and the potential loss of programs such as reaching out to the outer limits of the county in specific locations.  She asked that the Center’s request be considered later in the next year budget process.


Second Speaker:  Marjorie Haney of the Humane Society.  She discussed the problems of non-domesticated cats termed colonies as well as other cats.  The Giles Animal Shelter does not attend cats.  The Humane Society are working with other counties as well in addressing this problem.  She asked for the Commissioners support.


Third Speaker:  Sharon Rush, private citizen.  She mentioned her background in working with the courts and seeing first hand those individuals lacking in education.  She showed a chart of several counties of starting salaries for teachers and Giles County was lowest.  She mentioned the cash flow within counties and showed one county (Lewis) had a much higher starting salary although the county itself is not as fortunate as Giles.


Fourth Speaker:  Rosemary Martin, representing the Campsbellville library.  She asked the Commissioners to reconsider funding the library, noting only one day late in submission.  She also asked if she could speak on a different subject (within her time limite) and the answer yes.  She mentioned the Land Use Management Plan and how she supports keeping that Plan.  She stated that the Plan can be updated to be more useful and that without the plan the county is left without any clear support for unacceptable intrusions on Giles beautiful land.


Beth concluded the public hearing for the budget.