photo of door plate from Giles County Courthouse.

The current Giles County Courthouse is the fifth courthouse to serve Giles Countians.

The fourth courthouse was destroyed by fire on April 20, 1907. The amount of insurance covering the courthouse was only $14,000.

It had been completed in 1859, cost about $27,000 and was constructed of the best materials by the finest workmen available at the time.

It had stood the ravage of the War between the States when the town was occupied by Federal troops and the flag of the Union flew over it. 

TH. Gubelman made the photograph to the right, which is believed to have been taken on the day Sam Davis was hanged by the Union forces.

The current courthouse was built by George Moore and Sons of Nashville, Tennessee, at a cost of $97,600 and was completed in 1909. B.B. Smith was the architect. The entire cost of the house and furnishings has been estimated at $132,000.

The neoclassical building is marked by tall Corinthian columns. In the cupola, the 1858 bell still strikes the hours.

Solid brass door pulls are incised “Giles.”

The Courthouse is a contributing building to the Pulaski Courthouse Square Historic District. 

Photo of brass plaque for the National Register of Historic Places on the Courthouse.